The breakthrough technology that produced water based rust converter Exit Rust means we no longer have to accept destructive rust as a costly price to pay for using metal. Exit Rust works wherever there is rust. Industry and the general public, long resigned to rust as the costly downside to metal equipment and components, now have a real and effective alternative. Exit Rust dramatically cuts the staggering waste of materials and resources and significantly lowers equipment replacement costs.

Exit Rust is environmentally responsible and has been approved for use in such areas as food storage. Great application in Agricultural, Mining, Shipping and Manufacturing industries.

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Exit Rust is an industrial strength quality rust converter, ideal for all rusty iron surfaces.

Looking for something non-toxic and easy to apply?
Want to keep your preparation times to a minimum?
Like to use a non-flammable solution?

Try our guaranteed treatment.
Exit Rust
Exit Rust™ from Liquid Engineering.

A rust converter with an excellent track record, widely accepted as being the most effective way of curing rust.

Easy application through spraying, dipping or brushing.

Indefinite Pot Life
Treats 10m2 – 15m2 per litre dependent on thickness

EXIT RUST is water-based and non-toxic. It works by converting rust to a stable black surface of Iron Tannate/Haematite (Fe2O3) and Magnetite (Fe3O4), which works through a chelation chemical reaction to form a strong matrix bonding to the original metal.

The water base of EXIT RUST is a vitally important part of the process. The water is the travelling agent for the tannin chemicals to penetrate the porous rust. (Unlike solvent bases or coatings which function only on the surface of the rust.)

Safe, Non-toxic and Environmentally Responsible

The result is that EXIT RUST, through a process of amalgamation, converts rust to a stable, non-growing material, which is black in appearance. Metals treated with EXIT RUST can be left in the black state, or covered with conventional metal-protecting coating and paints at the option of the user.

Composition Blend of tannic acids
Appearance Clear amber mobile liquid
Odour Slightly sweetish
Surface Cure By reaction with rust
Application Spraying, dipping or brushing
Treatments Generally one treatment only
Coverage 10m2 – 15m2 per litre dependent on thickness
Flash Point 35 Degrees Celcius. Firepoint is higher than boiling point. Not classified as flammable according to the “Australian Code For The Transport Of Dangerous Goods By Road Rail” Fifth Edition.
Poisons Schedule Non-toxic
Pot Life Indefinite
Flammability Non flammable
PH Acidic 2.1 (neat)
Dilution Clean water
Safety Environmentally responsible
Other Wash off before painting