Stratex – 120Lt Chemical Wheelie Bin Standard Spill Kit

Stratex – 120Lt Chemical Wheelie Bin Standard Spill Kit

The Standard Range of Spill Kits are designed for indoor and outdoor spills on both sealed and unsealed surfaces. These can include sealed surfaces such as asphalt, concrete or metal, and also unsealed surfaces such as dirt or gravel. To ensure you can handle any spill incident, they contain a range of absorbents from pads, socks, cushions to granular absorbent.

Stratex Spill Kits are an integral part of compliance with Australian standards and regulations, and our absorbents are quality tested to US ASTM F726-81 standard.

Product Code : K26-4412S

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1 x 120L Wheeled Bin
6 x Absorbent Sock 1.2m
50 x Absorbent Pads
2 x Absorbent Cushions
1 x Bag Granular Absorbent
1 x Pair Red PVC Gloves
4 x Contaminated Waste Disposal Bag
4 x Cable Tie
1 x Plastic Security Tag
1 x Brush and Shovel Set
1 x Laminated Spill Kit Instructions